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Oracle Web Center

We’ve mastered more than a single software package. Engaging users through digital and e-commerce experiences takes knowledge that spans operations, integrations, DevOps, and more. To make your software package shine, we incorporate these technologies:


Productivity Productivity Productivity


DevOps DevOps DevOps


Data Data Data


Web Web Web


Languages Languages Languages


CI/Source CI/Source CI/Source


Integrations Integrations Integrations



Why Us?

Comparable talent to the large firms (as in we used to work for them), at a lower price, without all the red tape.  See our success stories below.

A Few of Our Clients

10 years of making clients succeed. Like these:

National Tire and Wheel (NTW) was hurting, after re-platforming their system to Magento 2 their existing agency was over their head.  The system was super slow and many pages loaded in 7-8 seconds. Additionally, SEO features of Magento were not properly functioning and they were seeing their SEO ranks plummet.  Store conversions were well below 0.25%. We considered both a path of fixing the Magento 2 store or re-platforming to Big Commerce.  After some deliberation, re-platforming to Big Commerce won out. We settled on an approach of using Hawk Search to help improve the site faceted navigation and search along with Big Commerce to power the store. We migrated in less than 3 months.  Page loads decreased to 2-3 seconds, and we saw conversions rates more than double.  

Technology: Big Commerce, Hawk Search, Akeneo, Multi-Channel Order Manager (MOM) 


Moon Audio – Magento 2 Commerce Edition

We took over the management of Moon audio and helped solve several issues they were having with their Magento Commerce Build. There were many performance issues caused by their extensions and themes. Though they were not high on the customization scale they had enough wrong that it was wreaking havoc on the cache. After our fixes, page loads went from 4-5 seconds down to less than 400ms. Additionally, we helped stabilize their entire system and resulting in a record month of sales this last May. We also helped them with their Magento Commerce cloud setup greatly improving the deployment process. Oh, and we killed their slow Magento 2  product page image loader!


As a jewelry store with over 80 retail chains, Rogers and Holland had already been through two website launches. Both had failed. Be creating a website, and not seeing the big picture, the attempts were difficult to manage and had a disjointed customer experience. That’s when we showed up. Instead of building a website, we set Rogers and Holland up on Magento 2 and made it fully integrated with their existing Oracle ERP system. In just five months, our team fully converted them from a proprietary shopping cart to a complete omnichannel solution. The customer, retail, and ecommerce experience suddenly aligned—and this jewelry store’s digital experience started to shine.


As a one of the premier wine families with over 60 brands under its umbrella, Jackson Family Wines needed a solution to allow its channel partners to quickly navigate and find all brand assets housed in its Oracle Digital Asset Management system. They needed a solution that would be easy to implement and to leverage the tens of thousands of assets already in its Digital Asset Management System. By using this system API and by implementing special indexing techniques we were able to create a website that allowed users to find assets using faceted search. Allowing users to quickly hone in on the assets that they were looking for, download them and repurpose them in their marketing and customer focused activities. TheKey is a huge part of bringing their many brands to market.


US Cellular was in need of replacing there dated Documentum based content management system that powered their intranet and extranet-based agent knowledge portals. Xumulus partnered with the internal IS teams to deliver an innovative solution that leverage Oracle WebCenter Sites (OWCS), Oracle WebCenter Content (OWCC) as well as third-party security solutions for security using Apache mod_mellon for SAM and Apache mod_auth_kerberos fully integrated to there IAM backend.  This allowed external teams and internal teams to authenticate seamlessly to the new portals. We implemented the Oracle WebCenter Sites 12c platform. The frontend solution was designed to be served off a single OWCS site but used the sites security context to personalize the site content so there was reduced management overhead in creating and managing content across 2 sites. Additionally, this allowed for a personalized user experience based on rolls with the organization.

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