The Global Feedback Engine

Company Bio

Feefo is a global reviews and customer analytics solution, helping over 4,000 clients to boost sales & build trust. Feefo collects reliable, genuine and authentic customer feedback to deliver up to date insights so businesses and consumers can make better decisions.

Key stats

  • 16% average response rate
  • Improved conversions up to 25% after integrating Feefo reviews on website product pages
  • Adding Seller Ratings to AdWords campaigns increases CTR by average of 17%
  • This also increases Quality Score, which can reduce CPC by as much as 20%
  • Organic star ratings can improve CTR by up to 25%.

5 reasons to use Feefo

  1. Trust – Feefo is invite-only which means that all reviews are from genuine customers who have made a purchase. This transparency helps to increase trust.
  2. Understand your customers – Collecting genuine customer reviews helps you get closer to your customers and find out what aspects of your business are working or where you need to improve. Our NPS functionality allows you to understand which customers are loyal, and which are detractors.
  3. Increase traffic – Our partnership with Google means that your reviews are fed straight to Google, so that you boost SEO and improve your ranking. On top of this, your reviews will appear as a star rating in both organic and paid listings, increasing your CTR.
  4. Boost sales – By integrating Feefo reviews on your website, you’ll increase trust and confidence as customers are influenced by others experience with your company. The result is an increase in conversions and sales.
  5. Innovation – we are constantly developing our platform with the most up-to-date features to help brands see even better results. Features include ‘Smart Themes’ which uses machine learning to filter reviews, insight tags, photo and video reviews, and many more.


Resources: https://www.feefo.com/business/gb_en/blog/resources

SEO whitepaper: https://www.feefo.com/business/gb_en/blog/seo-whitepaper

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